لماذا جورجيا ؟

لماذا جورجيا ؟

What do I benefit from an investment deposit in Georgia?

 Why is the price of real estate in Georgia constantly increasing?

 Let us answer you with your questions !!!


 (Percentage of women and its proportion of its population) is 4,385,000, and the dominant language is (Russian, Russian, Georgian).

 Its immediate neighbors are Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey and actively participate in regional organizations, such as the Black Sea Economic Council and Guam.  [73] Georgia also has political and military ties with Japan, Uruguay [74] and South Korea, [75] Israel, [76] and Sri Lanka, [77] and Ukraine and many other Europe.

 It is also a member of NATO and a member of the European Union's Human Rights Organization

 Noting the growing influence of the United States and the European Union in Georgia, especially after an invitation from the European Union and NATO, in addition to American support through training and equipping the Georgian armed forces and building the Baku - Tbilisi - Ceyhan pipeline.  In addition to joining NATO.

 On October 2, 2006, the European Union and Georgia signed.  The plan of action was formally agreed at the Georgian Cooperation Council - Europe and the Cooperation Council on November 14, 2006 in Brussels.  [82]

 On February 2, 2007, Georgia officially became the latest regional member of the Asian Development Bank.  Georgia currently has 12,081 shares in the bank, with 0.341% of the total.

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